Blindly was born out of our frustration with traditional dating apps. Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, okCupid, you name one of those, and chances are high it has been on our phones at some point in time. Some of them are still on there right now, and we are still using them. But they frustrate us.

Let’s cut right to the chase (no pun intended). “But if you’re not successful on dating apps, it must be because you don’t use them right. Your profile pictures must be wrong, or your bio must be weird. Or you’re swiping left too much, you are too picky. Or your opening lines are too cheesy.”

In other words, we are decent people, but we are marketing ourselves wrong, right?

How about we stop shaming each other for not being conventionally attractive enough, or not knowing how to put ourselves out there in a way that fits the norms and conventions of those fast-dating instant-gratification swipe machines? How about we try another way, for people who don’t want to play by those rules, for people who want to date different (“Here’s to the crazy ones…” IYKYK). For those who understand that finding new people to meet is about more than an over-filtered profile picture, an inauthentic marketing-approved bio or some cute but recycled pickup lines? How about we start talking to each other, taking some time to discover each other for real?

I know, I know… Scary… Vulnerable… And certainly disruptive in this world of “fast dating” where it’s tempting to use online dating to seek validation, or to drown our feeling of loneliness in a sea of matches we never talk to or ghosted, always comparing, pitting potentials against each other like fruits on a shop display.

And I know not everyone is doing that. I completely understand some people just love this quick and “dirty” aspect of dating apps, because they just want to have fun, to date and hook up casually. For them, traditional dating apps are fine and I’m sure they will not be convinced by the alternative we propose.

For yours truly and all the other OLD-frustrated people out there, let me introduce you to… Blindly!

To put it simply, Blindly is a new kind of dating app, focused on fostering deeper connections through conversations.

Conversations in Blindly progress along 2 stages and 4 levels.

In discovery stage, in texting level, you are dropped in a conversation with a random person matching your basic criteria like age range, gender/sexual orientation, languages spoken and location (optional, if you’re moving around, big up to all my nomad daters). The only things you see about the other person are their first name, their age, which languages they speak and a list of topics they like to talk about, to break the ice. No filtered or catfishing profile picture, no swiping involved, no inauthentic bio.

Then you start the conversation, and you can leave whenever you want. When you do, we ask you why, because it’s valuable information to help us curate the community, improve your chances of meeting the right people and weed out abusive behaviors. Are you leaving because

Whatever the reason, it’s useful for us to know. And it’s better to leave a good bye message and avoid ghosting (unless you didn’t feel safe of course, in that case, bye!).

But if the conversation keeps going and seems to progress well, the app will automatically bump you to the audio level. At this level, in addition to text messages, you can send each other voicemails recorded inside the app. Hearing each other’s voices might give you a little more information, tease you a little bit.

And if it still goes well, the algorithm will push you to the video level. And you guessed it, you will be able to record video messages for each other, in the app, without any filter, as real and authentic as it gets. And you will thus get a first chance to see each other. Of course, after this, you might not be physically attracted to the other person, and there is nothing wrong with that. We are not saying physical attraction is not important, of course it is. We are just trying to balance it out with everything else. If you are not attracted, simply say it, be gracious about it, say good bye, and you will be dropped into a new discovery conversation.

But if you like what you see, the algorithm will move you to the exploration phase. You can have only one discovery conversation at a time, but as many exploration conversations as you want. So reaching the exploration stage is like matching on other apps, but hopefully more meaningful.

That is how the basic process of Blindly works today. Of course, this is a first version, and we will be listening to your feedback and seeing how it works for you. We won’t stop at matching like so many other apps do. We will check how many of you end up leaving a conversation in the app because you told us it continued outside. And we will improve your user experience based on all of that.

So welcome to Blindly, and feel free to contact our support if you have questions or suggestions.

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