Deeper Connections

Another kind of online dating experience focused on curious, authentic and respectful conversations

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You start blind and you discover the other person progressively from text messages, to audio and video messages.

It's fun, it's playful, teasing encouraged.


No profile picture, no filter, no pre-recorded video, everything is done to make conversations as real as possible.

Each conversation is unique, no catfishing.


You can leave the conversation whenever you want. But when you do, you are encouraged to say good bye and tell us why.

This way, we can weed out bad behavior and make sure everyone feels safe.

User profile

Fill in your profile

With your name, your date of birth, your gender, your sexual orientation, a list of topics you like to talk about, the languages you speak and your location (optional).

No generic bio, no filtered profile picture, no cheesy pickup line.

Get matched

Based on simple criteria like preferred genders, an age range and a distance to your location (optional).

You can also push the distance to the max (Global) if you don’t care about that.

Search settings

Start talking

You get dropped in a random conversation with someone matching your basic criteria and you can start talking right away.

All you know at first is their first name, their age, the languages they speak, their gender and sexual orientation is they decided to share those, and the topics they like to talk about to break the ice.

No swiping needed.

Welcome to Discovery stage!

In the texting level of DISCOVERY stage, you can send only text messages to each other.

You can leave the conversation at any level and for whatever reason.

But if you keep the conversation going…

Level 1
Level 2

Welcome to level 2!

In level 2, in addition to text messages, you can also send audio messages to each other.

You can record your messages right from within the app, and discover just a little bit more about each other.

And if the conversation keeps going for a few more messages…

Level 3 is on!

Time to see each other through video messages!

No filter, only video messages recorded through your front-facing camera.

If you are not physically attracted after that, it’s ok. We are not saying physical attraction is not important. Of course it is. We are just trying to balance it out with everything else. If you are not attracted, simply say it, be gracious about it, say good bye, and you will be dropped into a new discovery conversation.

But if you are still vibing, welcome to EXPLORATION stage!

Level 3

No rush

You can have only one DISCOVERY conversation at a time, but as many EXPLORATION conversations as you want.

And as soon as a conversation reaches the EXPLORATION stage, you are back in line for a new DISCOVERY conversation.

Take your time, focus, discover, explore, get to know people.